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What is the difference between HEETS ?
No difference. Most HEETS are original. Unscrupulous sellers praise goods from their region in order to better establish sales. They are all the same, if original. We have original HEETS.
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100% original, made in Russia, Kazakhstan origin
What is the expiry date of the IQOS HEETS?
HEETS do not have an expiry date
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- Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman. Free delivery for orders above 500 AED, otherwise charged 30 AED
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We accept Cash on Delivery. Also, you can pay for MasterCard or Visa via PaySend.
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Vape is a valid option for quitting regular cigarettes which allows a person, while observing a traditional smoking ceremony, to extract the required portion of nicotine with minimal harm to health.

Advantages of vaping:
  • It offers a healthier alternative to smoking and other traditional forms of nicotine consumption.
  • Vapes do not contain the amount of harmful substances contained in a regular cigarette.
  • Research has shown that using vapes can help smokers quit.
  • Smoking with a vape is much cheaper than smoking a classic cigarette.
The vape does not emit smoke like a classic cigarette, but only water vapor, which does not smell (on the contrary, if you use, for example, fruit flavors, it gives a pleasant aroma). Many smokers who smoke classic cigarettes often do not even realize that they are harmful not only to their own health, but also to everyone else who regularly stays near them.


Vape Shop - a place where you can not only buy an e-cigarette, liquid or accessories, but also test products, literally, without moving away from the cash register. Steamers' bars are popular among active steamers all over the world, especially here in Dubai. Here they get acquainted with new vaping products, with each other, have fun and rest.
Dubai vape culture suits well for the main mission of the place - to introduce the novelties of devices and liquids in the steaming market and at the same time to provide space for communication and product tasting.


So, why are vape shops in Dubai so popular?
Vape shops are reminiscent of anti-cafes, where they gather to relax on a soft sofa, chat with friends. Such places often host parties on the theme of e-cigarettes, cloudshare competitions and master classes on creating cool winding.
Fans of steaming here find each other. Together they try out new liquids and share their experiences with. In the arsenal of a vape shop there are usually also rented devices - also a good way to have a collective “test drive”.


If you want to buy an excellent vape in Dubai, pay attention to the following options:
  • Manufacturer. Give preference to a well-known brand. And it's not just about reliability, but also about the breadth of the range: from the proposed model range you are sure to choose the best device.
  • The design. Vapes for beginners are mostly simple and sometimes even incomprehensible. If you want to use a wide range of options from the very beginning (to adjust the tightening force, power, to change the resistance, to be content with a capacious battery and a spacious tank) - such options are also enough. But they also cost an order of magnitude more. So if you are not completely sure, that you will use a vape for beginners in the future - perhaps, it is better to limit at first to a cheaper model. All vape shops in Dubai could tell you the same.
  • Dimensions. The optimal vaping kit takes up little space and allows you to take the device with you on the road, carry it in your pocket or place it in a small pocket bag, glove compartment of the car. Also the vape price in Dubai for small devices is very good.


The most popular Dubai vape store is - Bawadi Vape.
In the Bawadi Vape you can buy an excellent beginner's vape as well as a professional one. Specialists will recommend the most advantageous and rational option, based on existing goals and objectives, will help to form a vape set. They will choose several variants of liquids to suit your strength and taste preferences, as well as complete the set with the right tools and accessories.

The Bawadi Vape brand is the leader on the UAE vape market.
All presented in Bawadi Vape company kits have their advantages, but the main thing is that each of them can not only be a full replacement for regular cigarettes, but also allow you to immerse yourself in a world of bright aromas.

JUUL is a pod-system for delivering nicotine to the body. It uses cartridges (JUUL Pods) with liquids containing salt nicotine. Therefore ideologically JUUL pods are very close to electronic cigarettes, which uses a similar principle. The company itself calls its device an alternative to regular cigarettes.
JUUL ergonomics as a device is at its best. It starts in three movements: charge, remove the cap, insert the cartridge, start pulling - simple and clear. No need to bother with changing evaporators and filling liquids. There's enough flavour options so you don't get bored. Saturation with nicotine comes quickly.

Little Myle Pods were created first of all for those who want to quit regular cigarettes, because the process of its use and the sensation of steaming imitates the smoking process as accurately as possible. In order to enjoy the delicious steam and quench the nicotine hunger, you only need to install a cartridge with the desired taste and take a puff. Myle is activated automatically during a puff.

IQOS is an innovative tobacco heating system. Swiss scientists from Philip Morris International have been working on the development for over 10 years.
The device works as follows: a special blade heats tobacco to a temperature of 250-300 degrees instead of burning it. Due to the absence of burning, when using IQOS, it produces 90-95% less harmful substances than a regular cigarette.

Heets - professional tobacco sticks designed exclusively for heating in special trip systems. Tobacco sticks are suitable for tobacco heating systems, such as: IQOS 2.4 plus or IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi, as well as many other devices: SKT, JOUZ 20, etc. Composition: tobacco mixture, in which tobacco is prescribed with glycerol, flavorings and propylene glycol are added; the acetate part of a filter with a cylindrical shape used to form a tobacco vapour stream; "tape" filter, designed to reduce the temperature of the aerosol; acetate filter for cleaning the main stream of tobacco vapour.
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