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Juul is a compact device that vaporizes liquids. However, the system differs from conventional evaporators by its patented salt nicotine production technology. The peculiarity of the technology is that salt nicotine gives the smoker a sense of saturation faster than liquids containing ordinary nicotine. This is why it is positioned as a means to quit smoking.

Juul's system consists of a thin, stylish gadget in the form of a flash drive and a docking station. The idea of the creators is simple: they wanted to avoid associations with an ordinary cigarette as much as possible. The capsules themselves, which contain salt nicotine, are called pods. The capsules are enough for 200 puffs (the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes), recharging between batches is not required. The docking station, included in the set, allows recharging via USB. Juul vape in Dubai is gaining popularity more and more recently. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it.


Peppermint or Mint
A light, even gentle smell that won't stay in the air long. A slightly cool taste of peppermint is retained in the mouth while soaking. A little sweetness in the fragrance. It's a great serve for when you need to cheer up. However, few people like it as a constant.
An important feature of mint flavour is that it is enjoyed by people around you, even non-smokers. Thus, it is often men who choose the mint for steaming in cars: it is not too sweet and will not cause discomfort to a non-smoker girl. By the way, this type is considered as the most original Juul pods flavour.

One of the top tastes in our store. It has well-deserved fame. The basis of the taste - cucumber flavor, which is replaced by a light menthol aftertaste. Maximum light smell that doesn't stay in the air for long and doesn't bother you at all. And how can a cucumber be annoying? In terms of gender, it's also top of the line: it fits everyone.

Classic Tobacco
It is a mild, delicate taste for those who associate the very process of obtaining nicotine exclusively with tobacco. The aroma does not stay in the air, does not settle on clothes. Leaves only a small tobacco aftertaste, which has no minuses from regular smoking in the form of unpleasant smells from the hands and mouth. If you have smoked a lot of regular cigarettes before and try to minimize the harm, this flavor will help to switch to the pod systems of obtaining nicotine.

Fruit Mix
It is a very bright, sweet taste, based on the aromas of grapes, wild berries, peach and various herbs. It is invigorating, intense and leaves no one indifferent! Usually like those who are crazy about vapes precisely because they allow you to feel pleasant tastes in your mouth. The peculiarity of this flavor is that it is liked by non-smokers: it remains in the air like a light cloud of pleasant aroma for only a few seconds, after which it dissipates.

Rich taste with the aroma of the tropics, transferring to the atmosphere of summer holidays on the seaside. The fragrance is a mixture of mangoes and tropical fruits. Pleasant, expressed, memorable. Ideal if you need to cheer up, if you lack some spicy emotions, shake.

New in our shop for all lovers of sweets. During the steaming aroma and taste of custard vanilla arises. It is an unusual taste with its fans around the world. If you like light and soft tastes, if you do not mind a sweet note in the mouth after the steaming - this flavor will certainly serve you well.

So, if you're looking for a classic flavour, then choose Tobacco. If you like universal flavours for the pod system, the ideal flavour is Cucumber and Mint. Bright, intense and fruity are definitely Mango and Fruit Mix. And if you don't mind experiencing a vanilla note in the flavour, then choose Vanilla, of course.


What if I didn't like any of Juul's classic tastes?

In this case you are at the right address: in our shop there are hundreds of pods for Juul, compatible with the original device. These pods are produced in the U.S. and allow you to expand the number of tastes. So you can always buy Juul online with a wide range of other flavours. There is not a problem to provide you with fast delivery to anywhere in UAE. Especially in Dubai.


For instance, the cost of the Juul C1 Pod in the USA is 45 dollars. If you tie the device to an application, you get a gift - an original cigarette case with a capacity of 1270 mAh, which is sold separately for $60.

JUUL stick price on the web page of the manufacturer varies depending on the size of the pack. $16.99 for a 2-pack and a 4x JUUL pods costs $30.99.

So, here are some of features of Juul:
Binding to your smartphone via Bluetooth using a special Android app.
Keep statistics on the frequency of steaming with a sample by week, month and year.
Remotely unlock and lock your device.
Search the Juul C1 on the map within 8 meters of you, and play a beep to make it easier to find your device in case you forgot where you last put it.
There's an illustrated user guide in the mobile app that provides even more information than any view on the Juul C1.
Warranty service, which runs from the moment you register your device in the app.
No dependency on smartphone bindings.
Updated charging design that makes transport easier, as the vape can be attached to almost any surface.

Not a big price for such a device, right?
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